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Welcome to the world of fantasy and adventure


The Silkroad Adventure, how they should be.

With the trading caravan from Xi'an via Dūnhuáng to Istanbul, continue of the trade route to Alexandria. These were the challenges of the Middle Ages. Embark on a fantastic journey from East Asia through Central Asia to Europe and Egypt with your Hero, triumph in gripping siege battles over other players or protect the travel companies in ways against the dark forces.

the world is full of fantasy

but fantasy also creates new worlds

a world full of adventure

from dense forests to vast deserts to high mountains

Explore the world with friends or alone as a fearless hero to earn fame and fortune. However, watch out for the shady creatures lurking on the carefree adventurer, between the Forest of Mourning and the Jinhyeong Mountains.

Some of these monsters are unique to their area and do not like strangers entering their territory. They are also not an easy opponent to fight against on their own. Therefore, it is always best to travel with friends.

ambush out of the shadows

the dark wanderers, the danger from past times

Usually you can quickly find out which hiking trails are safe or where there are great dangers waiting for you and which areas are monitored by the unique monster. 

But from the past there are also unique beings on the world, who may not belong to the known areas of bit. So beware of the dark wanderer, should you encounter one, don't expect mercy from him.

expeditions to unknown countries

the worlds behind the hidden gates

Some intrepid traders have been discovered mysterious stones far beyond the mountains of Jinhyeong.These stones have the magical gift to create paths to mysterious places to visit.

If you decide to start an expedition there, only do it with experienced adventurers, as the wealth is not easy to have there.

the eternal quarrels between good and evil

one and only one

As you gain experience and fame, gather allies in a guild to protect other traders or do business yourself. You can also choose the dark path and become lawless.

If you can bring several guilds together, you can use them to control an entire region and thus expand your wealth.

from SRO Arena PS over to SRO.Arena CS

versions of a fantastic journey whose passion and ideas

October 16, 2016 - last client v1.095

SRO Arena PS - beginning of an uncertain adventure

With this version we have started our adventure, but also quickly noticed that not everything that glitters is gold.

Nevertheless, it was a good time to learn.

January 25, 2017 - last client v1.041 - restart with a new look and new ideas

this time we want to do everything differently but also everything smaller, a world a race a story.

Try new ideas but also new luck ?

May 05, 2020 - beginning client v1.001

SRO.Arena CS - the third time we do it magically

The future grows from the past. Our community has always been a mainstay of the game, so this time we are making something unique from the previous second worlds.

A new world for everyone and you can be there.

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