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Account managment

#1. How to Sign-up ?

We are a community, so you need first an account in our forum on EGAMMO.gaming website, this Forum-ID is the only real account you need.

#2. In-game Accounts !

After successfully creating Forum account, you use it to Log-in in the SRO.Arena CS website, After successful Log-in you can create up to 5 Game-ID under that Forum-ID.

#3. FAQ

How many accounts can i have ?
NOTE: You can have ONLY 1 Forum-ID and 5 GAME-IDs !!!

Can you give me more details or is there a tutorial on this ?

Account management: SRO.Arena CS, Game-IDs

The Server and the Account Manager is currently switched off.
Please use the NG-Arena PTR Account Manager, if you want to play on our test server


To play you need the SRO.Arena CS [PTR] client from the downloads area.

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